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2020 Tennis Club Championships

Matches are to be scheduled by you and your opponent by the following deadlines:

  • For draws with 4 or fewer players/teams, the semifinals must be played by March 15th, and final by March 29th.
  • 5-8 players/teams, the first quarterfinals must be played by March 1st, the semifinals by March 15th, and final by March 29th.
  • 9 or more players/teams, the round of 16 must be played by February 16th, quarters by March 1st, semis by March 15th, and final by March 29th.

If a match is not played by the deadline, the team that has been unable to play, despite being given at least 3 options from the opponent, will be defaulted. If neither team has made the effort to schedule the match a coin toss will determine who shall advance.

Please reserve your court online or through the Sports Club and email so we can send out the schedule of matches.

Balls will be provided through the Sports Club.

The format is the same as USTA/CTA league – 2 sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a third set. However, if, at the conclusion of the second set, all players agree, a third set may be played out. If any player wants to play the 10-point tiebreak, the tiebreak must be played. (It is a good idea to speak with your partner first, so as to be on the same page.)

The winner is responsible for turning in the score to the Sports Club or to immediately following the match.

There is a first match loser's consolation draw and participation is strongly encouraged. There will be a prize for consolation winners.

Winners and finalists will receive their choice of a personalized award or credit book and will be recognized at the Annual Sports Celebration, Thursday, April 9th.

Winners will be recognized on the Club Champions perpetual plaque in the Sports Club.

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